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Triforce of Power

This Triforce embodies the essence of Din, the Goddess of Power, who is the shaper of the realm wherein Hyrule exists. Her divine essence grants the holder of the Triforce of Power boundless mystical power. The Triforce of Power is usually associated specifically with Ganon, who uses its vast power to his own evil ends. The top triangle in the Triforce represents the Triforce of Power.

Triforce of Wisdom

The Triforce of Wisdom holds the essence of Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, who is recognized for creating the physical laws of the realm of Hyrule. It is usually associated with Princess Zelda, and in most games, she possesses it. When activated, the lower left triangle in the Triforce mark on Zelda’s hand glows, representing the Triforce of Wisdom.

Though Zelda is known to possess innate mystical powers, the essence of Nayru, wielded by Zelda using the Triforce of Wisdom, enhances these abilities. In various incarnations, Zelda has demonstrated telepathy, precognition, and mystic energy projection, among other abilities.

Triforce of Courage

The Triforce of Courage contains the divine essence of Farore, the Goddess of Courage, who is renowned for creating all life that inhabits the Hyrulean realm. It is usually associated specifically with Link. When triggered by certain dramatic events, or the congregation of two or more Triforce holders, one of the three triangles on his left hand will glow; the Triforce of Courage is typically portrayed as the bottom-right piece of the Triforce.