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 There is a total of 6 staffs.
 HF is short for Hyrule Field.
 Layout is made by Ace.
 All rights are reserved ©.
 HF is hosted by


To affliate with HF you just have to read and follow these simple instructions.

1. Must have a nice webmaster/webmistress.
2. Layout must be pleasing for the eyes, it don’t have to be perfect, tough.
3. You have to have some content on your site.
4. Your site must be update your site at least once in two months.
5. Your site must be Zelda related, but exceptions can be made.
6. Your site must be in english.
7. Your site must contain information about the Zelda games.
8. You must link us back on your site.
9. Your site must not be breaking any copyright laws.
10. No illegal content on your site (drugs, porn, ect.)

If you think/know that your Zelda site meets these very simple requirements, then please e-mail us with the the following information:

- Subject you e-mail with: Affliation.
- Your name/nickname.
- Your site’s name.
- Your site’s URL.
- A description of your site.

Please e-mail us at: HFStaff@Gmail.Com