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Username: Ace.
Real Name: Ace Olsen.
Jobs On HF: Webmaster
Age: 14.
Location: Norway.
Favorite Zelda Game: Majoras Mask and Ocarina of Time.
Favorite Zelda Sites:, and 
Favorite Console: Nintendo Wii.
Interests And Hobbies: Basketball, drawing, reading manga, work on HF, etc.
Music: Classic rock, rock and hard rock.
Favorite Band/Movie: Band is KISS and movie is This Is England.
Favorite Book: Narnia series.
ZeldaAvatar.jpg picture by ruffy4ever
Username: Zelda
Real Name:
Jobs On HF: Webmaster, comics.
Age: 14
Location: Norway
Favorite Zelda Game: The Minish Cap
Favorite Zelda Sites:
Favorite Console:
Interests And Hobbies:
Music: Rock
Favorite Band/Movie:
Favorite Books:
Link The Golden Phoenix

Username: Link the Golden Phoenix
Real Name: Rachel Michehl
Jobs On HF:
Age: 16
Location: Florida, United States
Favorite Zelda Game: All
Favorite Zelda Sites: Zelda Temple, Zelda Dungeon, Zelda Universe, The Hylia, Zelda Elements and Exploding Deku Nut.
Favorite Console: All Nintendo
Interests And Hobbies:
Game design, computer animation, art, and stories.
Music: Irish rock, Renaissance, hard rock, oriental, classic rock, European
Favorite Band/Movie: It's too hard to pick.
Favorite Books: Temeraire series by Naomi Novik