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Agahnim was a wandering wizard who assisted the Royal Family at a time when Hyrule was plagued by flood, famine and disease. Agahnim played the role of trusted advisor for a time, but soon he displayed his true colors and seized power for himself. After imprisoning the Seven Sages and Princess Zelda, Agahnim used his magic to break the seal which imprisoned Ganon in the Dark World. Agahnim was defeated by his own dark magic thanks to Link’s quick thinking.

Link’s adoring little sister was named Aryll. Aryll was kidnapped by a monstrous bird on her big brother’s birthday, and when Link set out to rescue her, he unwittingly set an adventurous chain of events into motion.

Darunia was the bulky leader of the Gorons. Link eventually learned that Darunia also served as Sage to the Fire Temple when the powerful Goron presented him with the Fire Medallion.

Dark Link
Created by a wicked magical force (some say by Ganon himself), Dark Link is an evil shadow capable of duplicating Link’s every move. Dark Link is sometimes referred to as Shadow Link.

Darmani was a Goron hero who set out to save the Goron’s homeland. Darmani did not live long enough to reach his goal, but when Link wore the Goron Mask he was able to inhabit Darmani’s body and continue the Goron’s dream to save his people.

Deku King
The Deku King is the recognized ruler of all Deku Scrubs and exercises absolute power over Deku Scrub life. Deku Kings are born into this position, and something within the royal bloodline has caused all Deku Kings to be harsh, iron-fisted rulers. The Deku King which ruled during Link’s visit to Termina was no exception.

Deku Scrubs
Deku Scrubs are a common sight throughout Hyrule. Some are kind, but others are malicious. The less-friendly Scrubs have been known to fire Deku Seeds at innocent passers-by. In the land of Termina, Deku Scrubs have flourished and enjoy the benefits of an organized civilization.

Named after the Goddess of Power, Din served as the Oracle of Seasons in Holodrum. It was her responsibility to keep the rhythmic cycles of nature in order, and was known to be one of the best dancers in Holodrum or anywhere else. Working with her two sisters, Din assisted in the creation of Hyrule at the beginning of time. She also contributed the Triforce of Power to the Sacred Triforce.

Epona was a fine horse bred by the kind souls at Lon Lon Ranch. Epona served as Link’s trusty steed for many years, always rushing to his side whenever Link played Epona’s song on his Ocarina. Epona was very fond of carrots, and loyal to the end.

Ezlo was a master of Minish lore and sorcery. He was transformed into a hat by Vaati, and then helped Link put an end to the sorcerer’s plans.

In addition to creating Hyrule and the Triforce of Power, Farore also forged a powerful spell called Farore’s Wind which allows the spellcaster to create a warp point between two far-away locations. The fairies kept this spell secret for ages until they taught it to Link.Working with her two sisters, Farore assisted in the creation of Hyrule at the beginning of time. She also contributed the Triforce of Courage to the Sacred Triforce.

Also known as the King of Evil, Ganon is the epitome of anger, hate and envy. Ganon’s life began as a human named Ganondorf, but his heart was so vile that eventually he could no longer hide the ugliness which he held inside. Ganon was banished to the Dark World by Link and the Seven Sages, but his hunger for power and domination proved to be more powerful than the seal on his solitary cell. Seeking to defile the power of the Triforce, Ganon was able to break free on numerous occasions. Luckily, Link and the Seven Sages were able to repel his advances each time. Still, the threat of Ganon’s return always lingers just below the surface of Hyrule’s peaceful landscape.

Ganondorf, the scourge of Hyrule and King of the Gerudo Thieves, was the dark-hearted human who eventually transformed into Ganon, King of Evil. Ganondorf cared only for himself, which was evident to anyone who dared to peer into his sunken eyes.

The Gerudo warriors are primarily made up of beautiful women highly trained in the art of war. The only man ever allowed into their ranks was Ganondorf, who permanently soured the Gerudo’s opinion of men. In Hyrule, the Gerudo make their home in the desert. In Termina, the reclusive race lives near the water.

Generally, the Gorons are a peaceful race who enjoy relaxation. They spend their time mining rocks, which serve as their primary source of food. Gorons can travel very quickly by rolling themselves into balls, but they prefer to sit around a fire and dance and sing. Gorons have cultivated structured civilizations in Hyrule as well as Termina.

Happy Mask Salesman
Owner and proprietor of the Happy Mask Shop, the Happy Mask Salesman would do whatever it took to find new masks and sell them for profit. Unfortunately, he found himself wrapped up in the mysterious power surrounding Majora’s Mask and the seeds of insanity were planted in his mind.

Hylians are an elf-like race of people who first established an ordered civilization in Hyrule. Famous Hylians include Princess Zelda and Link. The Hylians’ long, sculpted ears enable them to hear special messages. As the chosen people, they are also given unique psychic and magical abilities.
Traditional Hyrulean dress is simple and functional. Men belt leather jerkins at the waist, and women slip into straight, ankle-length gowns. Although simple of design, Hyrulean dresses and tunics are often embellished with brightly colored, hand-stitched borders that make them look almost festive.

When working outside, Hyrulean men often wear broad-brimmed hats that protect them from sun and rain. Also, the men always wear sturdy, cuffed leather boots that reach to the knees. For the women, artisans craft delicate golden earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Images of Hyrulean legends are often included in the design.

Impa was the sworn protector of Princess Zelda and Sage to the Shadow Temple. Despite her hard exterior, her heart was bigger than the realm of Hyrule itself. Like Zelda, her impact on those around her was profound. Future female servants assigned to serve and protect Princess Zelda were named Impa to honor the legacy and loyal service which Impa provided.

Ingo was one of the very first employees of Lon Lon Ranch. He was quite disgruntled, mainly due to the fact that his boss rarely offered to help. Eventually, Ingo attempted to take over the ranch and operate it himself. Luckily, he was not successful in the end.

King Of Red Lions
King of Red Lions was the noble sailboat which Link used to travel from one island to the next on the Great Sea. Good-spirited and filled with wisdom, King of Red Lions was one of Link’s greatest allies.

All creatures big and small owe their lives to this legendary adventurer. Link’s list of accomplishments sprawls longer than we could even begin to list here, but he is most well known for his vital role in keeping Ganon, The King of Evil, safely locked away in the Dark World.

Some of Link’s most famous accomplishments include rescuing Princess Zelda on multiple occasions, saving the citizens of Termina from certain demise, as well as freeing the island of Koholint from savage monster attacks. Humble to the end, Link is known not merely as a hero but as a symbol of courage, strength and wisdom as well. Tales of his bravery will never cease, and his legend will never ever die.

The spirited and lovely daughter of Talon, Malon enjoyed her days on Lon Lon Ranch. Her life was destined to become intertwined with Link’s heroic adventures.

Young Medli was a princess of the Rito tribe on Dragon Roost Island in the Great Sea. She possessed both unquestioned bravery and the ability to fly.

Mikau was a great Zoran guitar player who passed away during his trek to recover Lulu’s missing Zora Eggs. When Link wore the Zora Mask, he was able to inhabit Mikau’s body and help the deceased Zoran reach his goal.

Sometimes referred to as “Picori,” the Minish are a small race of people who live out of sight to anyone but the youngest of Hyrule’s population.

The beautiful and mysterious Nabooru was a thief of the Gerudo, but she worked alone and never followed Ganondorf, whom she knew to be a wicked king. She also served as Sage to the Spirit Temple, and assisted Link greatly in his first struggle against the forces of evil.

Though no one has seen Navi for many years, she played a crucial role in Link’s very first adventure. Navi used her network of fairy friends to provide Link with valuable information about enemies, areas and other items. If Link ever wandered off course, Navi would always make sure that he remained focused on the task at hand.

Named after the Goddess of Wisdom, Nayru served as the Oracle of Ages in Labrynna. She possessed the power to shift through the folds of time, and was known to have one of the most beautiful singing voices ever heard. Working with her two sisters, Nayru assisted in the creation of Hyrule at the beginning of time. She also contributed the Triforce of Wisdom to the Sacred Triforce.

“Picori” is the term citizens of Hyrule use to refer to the diminutive race of wee people who live throughout the land.

Princess Zelda
Widely admired for her awe-inspiring beauty and well-loved for her charitable soul, Princess Zelda has always been the greatest treasure of Hyrule’s Royal Family.
Fair yet feisty, the daughter of King Zora was a stubborn girl who refused help whenever it was offered. Despite her strong sense of independence, Ruto had a yearning to feel true love. When she discovered that Link had braved the foul stomach of Lord Jabu-Jabu to rescue her, she felt a stirring in her heart. Link later learned that Princess Ruto served as Sage to the Water Temple.

Saria was one of Link’s first and closest friends. She was an elfin child of the Kokiri Forest, and unlike the other children, she refused to make fun of Link for being an outsider and not having a guardian fairy. Later, Link learned that Saria was in fact the Sage to the Forest Temple, holder of the Forest Medallion.

The youth known as Sheik appeared in Hyrule after Link returned to the Temple of Time as an adult. Sheik always covered her face and muffled her voice to protect her identity, but Link soon learned that this helpful soul was in fact his good friend Princess Zelda. Her unusual dress and demeanor came from being raised as a Sheikah by her protector Impa.

Skull Kid
The term “Skull Kid” refers to any of the young imps who inhabit the Lost Woods. Legend has it that any non-Kokiri soul who enters the Lost Woods is transformed into a Skull Kid. One Skull Kid has become much more famous than the rest by stealing Majora’s Mask and leading Link on a treacherous adventure through the troubled land of Termina.

Brother of Tatl, Tael is a mischevious little fairy famous for his Terminan adventure with Link. He and his sister joined Skull Kid as he wreaked havoc on Termina, but when Skull Kid abandoned Tatl he began to wonder whether or not Skull Kid’s shenanigans were more than mere fun and games.

Sister of Tael, Tatl is a mischevious little fairy famous for her Terminan adventure with Link. She and her brother joined Skull Kid as he wreaked havoc on Termina, but Tatl was abandoned by Skull Kid and left to travel with Link. Soon, she saw the error of Skull Kid’s ways.

Talon was the original owner of Lon Lon Ranch. He spent most of his days sleeping, but he was known to show great spirit and determination when training his cuccos. Talon’s only daughter was a lovely young girl named Malon.

Tingle was quite an eccentric citizen. He firmly believed that he would one day find a fairy guardian, and he kept his head in the clouds. To make money, Tingle made maps and other useful inventions.

The demented wind mage Vaati was reknowned for abducting maidens in the realm of Hryrule.

When the Goddesses created Hyrule, they blessed Zora’s Fountain and eventually the fish which swam in its water evolved into the Zoras we know today. They are humanoid in form, but the Zoras can survive both underwater and on land. Led by their King, the Zoras are peaceful creatures who enjoy music and sports.